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Anhui Elite Industrial Co.,ltd is a professional manufacturers & exporters of

chemical resins, water based acrylic emulsion adhesive, silane coupling agent,
low calorie sweetener, dietary fiber, oligosaccharide & probiotic fiber,
geosynthetics, concrete & mortar additives



Anhui Elite Industrial Co.,ltd.

Concrete additive

Manufacturer & Supplier of China  based on  concrete superplasticizer supply all kinds of best concrete admixtures and high-quality concrete fiber.
We supply all kinds of concrete additives(concrete admixtures), mainly are concrete fiber / concrete reinforcement fiber,
concrete superplasticizer / concrete water reducing agent, concrete defoaming agent etc...
about concrete fiber, we are most strong in supply Polypropylene Fiber ( PP fiber ),
we have monofilament, mesh / fibrillated, twist/hybrid and wave type.
all use for concrete reinforcement.
about concrete superplasticizer, we mainly supply:
1.Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer ;
2.Naphthalene-based superplasticizer ;
3.Naphthalene formaldehyde water reducer;


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