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Polypropylene (pp) fiber Hybrid

EltFiber-hybrid fiber can be used to instead of steel fibre for reinforcement to cement concrete.

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A,  pp hybrid fiber  Description:
EltFiber-hybrid fiber can be used to instead of steel fibre for reinforcement to cement concrete.Compared w ith steel fiber, it has the advantage of easy dispersing and blending, no damage to the mixing  equipments,etc.The rigid polymer fibre is used polypropylene as its raw material, produced the rough  surface Treatment by special parallel thread extruding & twisting process. It has high break strength, better dispersion and strong combiningability, will be widely used to instead of steel fibre to reinforce the cement concrete and crack resistant. 
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 B,  pp hybrid fiber  Fearture
1,one side , polyp ropylene mesh/fibrillated fiber to reduce the shrinkage and temperature crack. 
2, the other side , polypropylene twisted fiber made of a strong synthetic copolymer, increase load-transfer and post-crack performance.so it is ideal fiber to instead of steel fiber.
C.  pp hybrid fiber  Applying Instruction:
1, Ration design of the fiber concrete:
Generally the recommended amount to add to the concrete is more than 2.7kg per sqm
( volume ratio is 0.3% ), reinforcement adding amount is 5.5kg, Compared with adding 47kg
of steel fibre, 5.4kg polymer fibre has the same volume ratio to the concrete.
2, length:
38mm,50mm or 54mm for common crack-resistant requirement.
3, Mixer Adoption: Double-axle horizontal compelling mixer is priority.
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4, Mixing process:
Crushed stones, fibers and sands are put into the mixer in succession. After stirring for two minutes,fiber will fully  spread and then add cement and water and stir normally. The addition of materials alsocan be put into as common concrete, but the stirring time should be properly prolonged to make fibercompletely Mixed. 
5, Shaping & Maintenance
There is no special requirement, may along the vibrating time for 30s, The maintenance of the fibre concrete should
 be done same as the normal concrete. 
6, Package: 1kg or 0.9kg per bag in common, 10kgs per cartonor plastic woven bag.
May packed as customers' requirement, Water soluble bag is available also.
D.  pp hybrid fiber  Economy
Compared with steel fiber, Polymer fibre has the advantages of corrosion and wear-resistant reducing  50% cost withsame volume to steel fibre. 
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E.  pp hybrid fiber  Specification


0.91 +/- 0.01

Raw material



20,30,50, 54mm

Equivalent Dia(mm)




break tensile Ratio(%)


Crack Ratio

20+/-5 %

Melting point ( C. Deg)


Tensile Strength

>500 mpa

Water absorbency


Elastic Modulus (mPa)


Resistance to acid & alkali


Recommend adding quantity: 2.0 – 3.0 kgs fiber to one cubic meter concrete as per different application.
F.  pp hybrid fiber  Function: 
1. Decrease the fragility of high strength concrete;
2. Increase the quality of concrete;
3. Increase the freezing resistance of concrete;
4 . Increase the impact resistance of concrete;
5. Increase the durability resistance of cncrete;
6. Increase the fire resistance of concrete.
G. pp hybrid fiber  Application Field:
1. The surface of road, bridge, runway and floor of the factory.
2. Wall and roof of the tunnel and mine.
3. Dam, river, bridge pier, dock and military protection facilities.
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Our Mainly concrete fiber :
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