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Anhui Elite Industrial Co.,ltd is a professional manufacturers & exporters of

chemical resins, water based acrylic emulsion adhesive, silane coupling agent,
low calorie sweetener, dietary fiber, oligosaccharide & probiotic fiber,
geosynthetics, concrete & mortar additives



Anhui Elite Industrial Co.,ltd.


Anhui Elite technology in China is a market leader in the design and manufacturer of innovative geosynthetics including geogrid, geotextiles and geocells.
our geosynthetic products including Geotextile / geofabric, geomembrane, geocell, geogrid, geocomposite, geosynthetic clay liner etc....
among them, our advantanges are:
1, geotextile/ geofabric, we supply both non woven geotextile and woven geotextile with polyester or polypropylene;
2, geomembrane, we have HDPE, PVC, LDPE etc...
3, Geocell, we have HDPE geocell, steel-plastic geocell;
4, Geogrid, we have PP biaxial geogrid, HDPE uniaxial geogrid, fiberglass geogrid and polyeter geogrid;
5, geocomposite such as: geotextile + geomembrane, geotextile + geogrid, geotextile + drainage board etc...
6, geosynthetic clay liner from 3600g/m2 to 7200g/m2


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