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Polypropylene PP Fiber wave curved

EltFiber-PPW wave fiber can be used to replace of steel fiber to reinforce the cement concrete for crack-resistant,
it has the advantage of easy dispersing blending and no need for any special maintenance.

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                          Polypropylene( PP ) Fiber — Wave form


PP polypropylene fiber wave fibre use virgin polypropylene as raw material, after special surface modification and molding processing.
With acid corrosion, high strength, easy to disperse, easy construction, the mixing of the vehicle,
the road without any damage, no special advantages of conservation,
Can substitute for steel fiber reinforced concrete crack in the cement significantly improve the impact toughness of concrete, anti-bending performance, and because of special cross-sectional shape, and a good combination of properties of concrete.

2.pp wave fiber  Main Technical Specification:

Density(g/cm3) 0.91 Elastic Modulas (MPa) >4000
Length(mm) 48,54 Equivalent Dia(mm) 0.9mm
Shape   Undee /waved Crack Ratio(%) ≤15 +/-5
 Resistance to acid & alkali   Strong   Water absorbency   No
Tensile Strength(MPa) ≥460   Melt Point, C. Deg.   ≥160

2. Applying Iustruction:

(1)Recommend Adding Amount: 2.0 - 3.0kg per cubic meter of cement concrete.
(2)length: Common crack-resistant usage: 50mm
                 For spraying concrete: 20-50mm.
(3)Mixing process: Same as common cement concrete
 (4) Package:

 1kgs per bag, 10kgs/plastic woven bag, about 3100kgs/1x20`gp Or 7500kgs/1x40`hq without pallet. 

3-Packingconcrete fiber


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