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Sodium gluconate

The sodium gluconate is polyhydroxy sodium carboxylate; it is also called sodium pentahydyoxycaproate.

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  • null
  • ≥80
  • ≤0.5
  • ≤0.05
  • ≤10
  • White or light yellow Crystal or powder
  • ≥98.0
  • ≤0.5
  • ≤0.07
  • 6.5-7.8
                            Sodium gluconate
The sodium gluconate is polyhydroxy sodium carboxylate; it is also called sodium pentahydyoxycaproate; the molecular formula is C6H11O7Na; the molecular weight is 218.14; and it is white or light yellow crystalline particles or powder in appearance, easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, and insoluble in ether. It is mainly used for acid-base balance agents, water quality stabilizers, surface cleaners, cement admixtures and so on, with wide application.

Item Index Item Index
  null Solid content ≥98.0
Whiteness ≥80 Drying loss % ≤0.5
Reducing substances
≤0.5 Chloride(CL-)% ≤0.07
Sulfate % ≤0.05 PH(10%solution) 6.5-7.8
Heavy metal (pb)mg/kg ≤10 Arsenic salt(As)mg/kg ≤2
Surface White or light yellow
Crystal or powder
solution Clourless or light yellow,
Near clarification

3,Sodium Gluconate Applications:
 (1)Used as a cement admixture: after a certain amount of sodium gluconate is added into the cement,  it can improve the plasticity and streng th of the concrete, and has retardation effect, namely postpone  the initial and final setting time of the concrete;
(2)Has apparent coordination effect, is applicable to various formulas such as molybdenum, silicon, 
phosphorus, tungsten and nitrite, and greatly improve corrosion inhibition effect due to the influence of  coordination effect;
(3)Contrary to general corrosion inhibitors, the corrosion inhibition efficiency is increased with the 
rise of the temperature;
(4) Meet the technical requirements of scale-inhibiting abilities, has strong complexing 
capacity on Ca, Mg and Fe salts, and especially has excellent chelating effect on Fe3+;
(5)As a corrosion and scale inhibitor for circulating cooling water, it is superior to other corrosion and  scale inhibitors used at present, and can achieve the effect of public nuisance removal.
(6)Used as a steel surface cleaner: if steel surfaces 
need to be platinum, chromium, tin and nickel-plated for special uses, the surfaces of their billets all 
need to be strictly washed to make coatings and steel 
surfaces firmly bound, and the adding of the sodium gluconate into their cleaning agents will achieve 
perfect effect at this time;
(7) Used as a cleaning agent special for glass bottles: the professional cleaning agent for glass 
bottles with the sodium gluconate as a main formula can improve the following frequently asked problems: poor detergency, and easy blocking of nozzles and pipelines of bottle washers; unsatisfactory 
detergency on the rust of bottle labels and bottle necks; unsatisfactory food safety caused by trace 
residue (such as phosphate residue); and public nuisance formed by the discharge of washing water;
(8) Can be used for industrial fields such as electroplating, film manufacturing and so on.
25kgs .plastic woven bag ,25tons /20"gp.or according to your request .


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