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Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) Fiber

pan fiber is an advanced organic fiber aimed at the modern projects and constructions.

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                                                   Polyacrylonitrile(PAN) Fiber


 It is an advanced organic fiber aimed at the modern projects and constructions. 

 It has many advantages suchas large original modulus, high tensile strength, acid-resistance, alkali-resistance, anti-corrosion, good dispersibility, large oil-absorbency and well stability with chemicals.

 It also has good ability under bad weather and strong light.   

2. Application:   
1)Bridge projects: deck, expansion joint, quiver, pier column, pile foundation work, etc.   
2)Road projects: road surface, the stop way of the bus station and toll station, etc.  
3)Irrigation projects: port, port, road deck, channel, spillway, moraine dam channel, etc.  
4)Construction projects: damp proof for roof, columniation, putty, industrial terrace, natatorium, etc.  
5)Tunnel and underground projects: jet aiming support, concrete lining, timber, etc.  

6)Airport projects: runway, packing apron sleeper, etc.

3, Applying instruction:   
Compounding amount: generally, 1.0kg/m3, fiber to cement mortar are enough.
Particularly, it depends on the designing.The proper amount of fiber to bitumen concrete 
depends on the traffic flux.When the traffic flux is below 5000, the admixture quantity is 1.5~2.0kg/ton,

when the flux is about 5000~60000, the quantity is about2.5~3.0kg/ton,when the flux exceeds 60000, the quantity is about 3.5kg/ton.

4, Packing:
0.9kg or 1.0kg per small bag, 20kg per big bag.

Or 18-20kgs a carton.  or can be 1kgs a small bag, 20-25kgs a compound paper bag.

diameter: 13±1um titer: 1.90±0.2detx
 length: 4-50mm   density: 1.18g/cm3
color: yellowishcrack elongation: 15%±5%
original modulus: ≥10.0Gpa   tensile strength:  ≥ 800Mpa
 acid-resistance: Excellent   alkali-resistance: Excellent


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