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Tri-isobutyl phosphate (TIBP) CAS no. 126-71-6

Triisobutyl phosphate TIBP is a very strong solvent used for liquefying concrete, textile auxiliaries, paper coating compounds, etc.
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  • Antifoaming agent in textile, Construction field

 Tri-isobutyl phosphate (TIBP) 
 CAS-NO.: 126-71-6 

Triisobutyl phosphate is a very strong solvent used for liquefying concrete, textile auxiliaries, paper coating compounds, etc.

Tri iso butyl phosphate (TiBP) is a very strong, polar solvent.

It is mainly used as an antifoaming agent in various aqueous systems where it has the ability to both destroy foam
and act as a foam inhibitor.


TiBP is also used in the roduction of solutions of synthetic resins and natural rubber.
In both  ellulose-based plastics and synthetic resins, it is used as a flame-retarding plasticizer.


TiBP is employed as a pasting agent for pigment pastes. Due to the limited influence of temperature on the viscosity of TiBP,
it also serves as an important component in the manufacture of hydraulic fluids for aircraft.
As a very strong wetting agent, TiBP is used in the textile industry and in the field of adhesives.

Product name Triisobutyl phosphate TIBP
Other name TIBP Triisobut yl phosphate, Isobutyl phosphate,Phosphoric acid triisobutyl ester
Formula C12H27O4P 
CAS No 126-71-6
Chroma, APHA ≤ 20
Refractive index 1.4190-1.4200
Acid value, mgKOH/g≤ 0.1
Moisture (H2O), %≤ 0.2
Density (20°C), g/ml 0.960-0.970
Assay, %≥ 99.0


Antifoam textile

Building industry

Concrete additives

Construction material

Glues and adhesives

Catalysis and Chemicals

Processing Chemical synthesis


Paper and board

Manufacturing of glues and adhesives

Textiles and fibres

Properties & Benefits

strong solvent

strong antifoaming agent

strong wetting agent

Packing  &Storage

1, 200kgs net per new galvanized iron drum, 16MTS/1X20`FCL;


   1000kgs net per IBC, 20MTS/1X20`FCL;


1.jpg               2.jpg        3.jpg

          200kgs/drum,                                           200kgs/drum,                          1000kgs/IBC

       80drums/20`fcl                                     4drums/pallet                           20IBCs/20'fcl


2, Sealed well, store in a cool, dry place. Avoid light.



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