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Glass beads

Glass beads, We can produce the product according to the standard of England BS6088-A, U.S.A AASHO NO. 1 and AASHO NO.2, Europe Drop ON Type EN 1423 and Pre-MIX Type EN 1424, Australia AS2009 B3.2, Korea KS, except of the Chinese standard. We also can produce according to the customers providing from 850um –43um
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Use of the products:
1.First: Shining glass beads applying in paving road
2.Second: glass beads used in the industry
3.Third: The special glass beads--- coating beads
4.Fourth: colored glass beads
5.Fifth: Other uses

Quality level of the products :
1. Appearance: transparent sphere, clean and round, without obvious bubble or impurity. (Colored: colorful)
2. Specific gravity: 2.3-2.5g/cm3
3. Refractive index: (20% method of dipping) 1.5-1.55.
4. Roundness: product of No.1>70%, others>80%
5. Component: sio2>62%.
6. Waterproof Capability: To neutralize 100ml water, the 0.01M hydrochloric acid demanded is not more than 10ml.
Testing method: Products are tested by sample testing sieves, timed testing sieve shaker, roundness.
In order to maintain high quality, we also undertake self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special, inspection.

packing: We use waterproof plastic weave bag lined with one layer of plastic membrane for safe package and transportation, size 650X400X80mm, weight 25Kg. For exporting, we use the bag weight 1000Kg.
Product specification :
1. Shining glass applying in paving rode
JT-T446-2001NO.1 850um-106um(20mesh-140mesh)

Distributing Least % Most %
From 850um(20mesh) 100 0
From 850um(20mesh) To 600um(30mesh) 5 30
From 600um(30mesh) To 300um(50mesh) 30 80
From 300um(50mesh) To 106um(140mesh) 10 40
From 106um(140mesh) 0 5
JT-T446-2001NO.3 212um-90um(70mesh-170mesh)
Distributing Least % Most %
From 212um(70mesh) 100 0
From 90um(170mesh) 0 4

BS6088-B 850um-180um(20mesh-80mesh)
Distributing Least % Most %
From 850um(20mesh) 100 0
From 850um(20mesh) To 600um(30mesh) 5 20
From 600um(30mesh) To 300um(50mesh ) 30 75
From 300um(50mesh) To 180um(80mesh) 10 30
From 180um(80mesh) 0 15
2. Industrial purpose glass beads and coated glass beads
  We can produce the product according to the standard of England BS6088-A, U.S.A AASHO NO. 1 and AASHO NO.2, Europe Drop ON Type EN 1423 and Pre-MIX Type EN 1424, Australia AS2009 B3.2, Korea KS, except of the Chinese standard. We also can produce according to the customers providing from 850um –43um.



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