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Fructose Syrup

Fructose syrup, also called as corn syrup or maltose syrup, mainly contents maltose and is a kind of syrup made from corn starch by double enzyme technique. It is moderate soft sweet with fragrance of malt, stable in high temperature and acid condition and has advantages of anti-recrystallization, lower freezing points etc., which improves the product quality and lowers the costs.

  • elite-indus
  • 57-48-7
  • cool transparent, soft sweet, good taste
  • 40% of the sucrose'
  • Stable at high temperature and acid condition
  • F42/F55
                                                Fructose  Syrup

Fructose syrup, also called as corn syrup or maltose syrup, mainly contents maltose and is a kind of syrup made from corn starch by double enzyme technique. 
It is moderate soft sweet with fragrance of malt, stable in high temperature and acid condition and has advantages of anti- recrystallization, lower freezing points etc., 
which improves the product quality and lowers the costs.

1. Cool and transparent, soft sweet, good taste, absorbed by the human body digestion, it is a kind of trophism sweet taste raw material.
2. The sweetness of maltose syrup is about 40% of the sucrose's, 60% of glucose's.
3. Well anti-sand in the candy, fruit jelly, jam and other food products, and crystallization and anti-sand are seldom occurred.
4. Stable at high temperature and acid condition, especially suitable for the candy.
5. Stable in the chemistry performance, low in freezing point and high in expansibility.
6. The maltose is not decomposed easily by the oral cavity bacterial, and produces the acid, so it can prevent decayed tooth.

Item Specification
Appearance light yellow liquid or no colour
Dry matter 77.0%
Glucose+fructoseon dry matter) 95.0%
Fructose(on dry matter) 55-57%
PH 3.3-4.5
Sulphate ash 0.05
Chroma/RBU 50
Insoluble particles,mg/kg 6.0
Transmittance 96.0%
Total Aerobic Count(CFU/g) 1500
Total Coliform(MPN/100g) 30

 It is used in many industries such as candy, drinks, beer brewage, confectionary, frozen food, beverage, beer, yellow wine, ratafee jelly, 
baking food, candied fruit, flavoring, enzyme preparation, medicine, meat products etc. Furthermore, 
it has low calorie and will benefit the cardiovascular, diabetes and obese patients

Packing:  275kg/drum; about 22 mts/20’gp
                1.4mts/IBC; about 25.2mts/20’gp


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