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Arhat Fruit Extract(momordica grosvenori extract)

Arhat Fruit Extract-Grosvenor momordica fruit belonging to cucurbitaceous is a kind of perennial plant with old root and herbal stem.
It is sweet, acidic and cool, It can relieve heat and cool blood, engender liquid and check coughing induce laxation, invigorate the skin, lubricate the lung and eliminate phlegm so that It can be used to prolong life, freshen the complexion, treat heat phlegm, coughing ,throat-swelling constipation and depression. According to the modern medicinal researches, it contains rich glucoside which is three hundred times sweeter than sugar cane.

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  • 88901-36-4
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Arhat Fruit Extract

Grosvenor momordica fruit belonging to cucurbitaceous is a kind of perennial plant with old root and herbal stem.
It is sweet, acidic and cool, It can relieve heat and cool blood, engender liquid and check coughing induce laxation, invigorate the skin, lubricate the lung 
and eliminate phlegm so that It can be used to prolong life, freshen the complexion, treat heat phlegm, coughing ,throat- swelling constipation and depression. 
According to the modern medicinal researches, it contains rich glucoside which is three hundred times sweeter than sugar cane. 

                It can lower blood sugar and treat diabets without adverse reaction. It contains rich vitamin C so as to resist against aging,cancers,lower blood lipids, lose weight 
and invigorate the skin, help treat hyperlipemia and improve obesity in organic foods and medicines with lowheat capacity, non-nutritional without for fermentation.

Active ingredients: 
Mangosteen sweet glycosides, Mangosteen total sweet glycosides. Sweet glycosidesV.

Total mangosteen glucosinolate 50% or 80%, Mangosteensweet glycosides V25%
CAS No: 88901-36-4

Item Specification
Appearance Brown yellow powder
Taste Sweet
Size Over 95% pass 80 mesh
Solubility Easy soluble in water and alcohol
Moisture 5%
Ashes 5%
Total mogroside Mogrosides 80%
Heavy metals 20mg/kg
Lead 1mg/kg
Arsenic 0.5mg/kg
Total bacteria 1000 CFU/g
Yeasts and Molds 100CFU/g
 1. Powerful antioxidant function.
2. To relieve cough and expectorant.
3. To improve immunity.
4. To lower the blood sugar.
5. To protect liver.
6. To anti-cancer.
7. To restrain dental caries lead by ingbritt.
Packing:1kg/bag; 25kg/drum


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