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Vinyl polymer resin VAM RESIN

Vinyl polymer resin VAM resin is a high molecular weight, by carboxyl modified terpolymer comprised of vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate and maleic acid. It contains carboxyl group, it has good adhesions to aluminum foil, also it contains PVC, it also has good resistance to alkali, base, brine, salty mist, also has good resistance to oil ester and alcohols.
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Vinyl polymer resin VAM RESIN
 ( similar to VMCH of Dow Chemical )
 It is a high molecular weight, by carboxyl modified terpolymer comprised of vinyl chloride, 
vinyl acetate and maleic acid. It contains carboxyl group, it has good adhesions to aluminum foil, 
also it contains PVC, it also has good resistance to alkali, base, brine, salty mist, 
also has good resistance to oil ester and alcohols.  

No Index Standard  Test Method
1 Appearance White powder Visual
2 Adhesion No. (K Value) 54-56(44-46) GB/T3401-2007
3 Glass Transition Temperaure
74 GB11998-89
4 Molecular weight 27,000
5 Volatile (%) ≤1.0 GB/T2914-1999
6 Density g/ml ≥0.60 GB/T3402
7 Solubility Achromatous 
and transparent
Use MEK:Toluene(1:1) 
to confect 25% solution
8 Composition
Vinyl Chloride 83~85 Q/320205AHAD05-2009
Vinyl Acetate 13~15
Maleic Acid 1.8~2.1
Potential Applications:
1, dry surface paint, like repair paint, marine paint etc.
2, make the paint of heat sealable packaging coatings & adhesives,.
3, as primer and inks for golden and silver card papers;
4, adhesives for gun nail, PCB adhesive and adhesives for PVC decoration sheet;
Packing & storage: 
1, 25kgs/ paper bag; 15mts /1x20’GP.
2, stored in dry place in its original closed packaging.Avoid higher temperatures.



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