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low calorie sweetener crystalline allulose

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low calorie sweetener crystalline allulose

Expand your product range of healthier, tastier, foods and beverages with  Crystalline Allulose, now available in Non-GM format.

 The unique properties of crystalline allulose offer the same benefits as allulose syrup and open up new opportunities for manufacturers in applications such as tabletop sweeteners, beverages, and confectionery.

 Because of its sugar-like taste and functional benefits,  Allulose can be an integral part of your ingredient toolbox to help reach calorie-reduction goals without sacrificing consumer acceptance.

Explore our Allulose: 

All the taste. 

All the texture. 

With 90% fewer calories. 

No added sugar. 

Now available Non-GM crystalline allulose.

Delivers sweet, sugar-like taste, as well as sugar’s texture, bulk and mouthfeel

Cuts calories by 90% and has “sweetness synergy” with sweeteners like stevia and sucralose

Not metabolized and causes no increase in blood glucose or blood insulin levels


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