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VC copolymer resin CMP resin

Vinyl Polymer Resin is Copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl isobutyl ether.
we have many model, such as CMP25, CMP35, CMP45, CMP60.
it can be used for printing ink, heavy duty coating etc.

  • cmp45
  • elite-indus
  • 3907
  • below 400g
  • 1000KGS by LCL
  • yes
  • CMP25,CMP35,CMP45,CMP60
Vinyl Polymer Resin
vc copolymer resin
Copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl isobutyl ether

vinyl chloride and vinyl isobutyl ether copolymer resin
It is has good binding effect owing to its molecular property. 
It is very easy to be dissolved with some other paint binder. 
It can be used for making anti-fire paint if add fireproofing agent. 

Index CMP25 CMP35 CMP45 CMP60
Viscosity 25±4   mpa.s 35±5   mpa.s  45 ±5  mpa.s 60±5   mpa.s    
KValue (Fikentscher)  ca. 35
Chlorine content  ca. 44% 
Density     0.38 – 0.48g/cm3
Moisture    0.40%max.
Note: CMP45 main used for ink.
Potential Applications:
For printing inks
Chlorinated binder for anti-corrosive paints
For building component anti-fire paint
Also used for rubber & plastic industry. 

Packing & storage: 
1, 20kgs/bag, 600kgs on a pallet, 12mts/1x20GP.
2, store in a cool, dry place. Avoid light.


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