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Chlorinated polypropylene resin ( CPP resin )

Chlorinated Polypropylene resin (CPP)
type: yellow granulers and white powder.
used a chlorinated binder / adhesion promoter for gravure ink,
especially for ink for plastic packing, like BOPP, OPP etc...

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  • as chlorinated binder in solvent gravure ink
  • adhesion promoter
  • ink for bopp film
  • yellow granular or white powder
Chlorinated Polypropylene resin 
(CLPP / cpp resin)

Description of Chlorinated Polypropylene resin 
1, Yellow granular: With very good weather resisting property, thermal aging resistivity,
                            resistance to chemical attack, oil resistivity, ozone resistivity and fire resistance property.  
     Solubility: soluble in toluene and xylene, ester solvent;

2, White powder : Free of CCl4, it is a polypropylene derivatives containing Cl groups in its Chemical Structures;
                           It is an environmentally friendly method of solvent process;
                           Non-toxic, tasteless, no solvent residue, fast dissolving, good filming and good adhesion.

Specifications of Chlorinated Polypropylene resin 

Index            Yellow granular             White powder 
Content of chloride (%) 28.0~32.0  26.0~38.0
Viscosity mPas 200~600 250-350 
Solubility %  ---------- 98 min.
Moisture ---------- 0.5 max.
PH Value 5.0~8.0  ----------
rotational viscometer   750 r.p.m ---------
Potential Applications of Chlorinated Polypropylene resin 
mainly used as chlorinated binder to promote adhesive for printing ink and plastic paint.
Such as printing ink for plastic package film ( OPP film, BOPP film ).

Packing & storage of Chlorinated Polypropylene resin 
1, Yellow particle: 20kgs/Carton1X20`FCL can load 11.2mts with pallet .
     White powder: 20kgs/bag 1X20`FCL can load 6-7mts without pallet .
2, store in a cool, dry place. Avoid light.



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