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Vinyl polymer resin (VAH) ELT-VAAL

Vinyl polymer resin (VAH) ELT-VAAL ( similar to VAGH of Dow Chemical or Solbin A )
It is a high molecular weight, hydroxyl-functional, partially-hydrolyzed vinyl chloride vinyl acetate resin, it is white or slight yellow powder, with hydroxyl modified copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate.

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Vinyl polymer resin (VAH)
ELT-VAAL    ( similar to VAGH of Dow Chemical or Solbin A )

lower viscosity, good fluidity 
It is a high molecular weight, hydroxyl-functional, partially-hydrolyzed vinyl chloride vinyl acetate resin, it is white or slight yellow powder, with hydroxyl modified copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate.

Property value
Apparent Density (g/ml) 0.45 – 0.65
Appearance  White or Slight yellow powder
Adhesion number ( ml/g ) 48-60
K value  44-47
Particle size % ( through 40mesh)  100%
Volatile % 2.0 % max.
Solubility ( 20% toluene: MEK solution by 1:1 ) Pale yellow color, transparent, No non-soluble particles.
Composition, % by weight
Vinyl chloride
Vinyl Acetates
Vinyl Alcohol
88 +/-2%
5.0-7.0 %
Potential Applications:
It was widely be used in the industries of ink
paint ( high grade wood and metal paint together with PU and Alkyd resin);
coating, industrial repair paint, marine paint,metal decorate paint, container paint etc…
adhesive , heat sealer, adhesive for tape etc.
Packing & storage: 
1, 25kgs/ paper bag; 15mts /1x20’GP.
2, stored in dry place in its original closed packaging.Avoid higher temperatures.


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