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Natural damar resin for flexo ink

Widely use for adhesives,coating,ink,sealing materials,
plastic modifier,high level scaling powder,medical adhesive tape
to improve the adhesive force,improve the tenacity of the film.Improve the gloss level and anti-yellowing.
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  • Natural damar resin for flexo ink
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  • use for adhesives,coating,ink
  • plastic modifier,
  • high level scaling powder,medica
  • .Improve the gloss level and anti-yellowing.

Natural damar resin for flexo ink

Characteristic of Damar resin

Damar resin is extracted from dipterocarpaceae which from southeast country.
Heat stability and weather fastness are very good.Can dissolve with n-hexane,
petroleum ether,Toluene,trichloroethylene,acetic ether and etc solvent.......

And have good compatibility with nature rubber,SBE,SIS,SBS,acrylic ester and EVA resin.
Widely use for adhesives,coating,ink,sealing materials,plastic modifier,
high level  scaling powder,medical adhesive tape,to improve the adhesive force,
improve the tenacity of the film.Improve the gloss level and anti-yellowing.

Main index of Damar resin
1:Appearance:Clear and light yellow solid.
4:Softening point:96-100℃
5:Solubleness:(Toluene:Damer resin1:1)Use the 100mesh Grid filter it.Also can dissolve with mixed solvent(ethyl ester,isopropanol,toluene)
which ratio is:Damar resin:ethyl ester:isopropanol:toluene=100:10:30:60.
Application index of Damar resin
1:Make alcohol varnish.
2:Improve the adhesive force and gloss,(like PP,PE ink and table printing ink).
3:Improve the tenacity and gloss of the film.
4:Additive amount(reference):Varnish(30%-40%),Ink(8%-10%).
Packing of 
Damar resin
25kgs/paper bag.


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