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Low sugar additives Tasting sugar isomalt Isomalt for food

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Isomalt is a sugar substitute and a sugar alcohol made from beets. Despite its natural origins, the compound is generally
considered artificial, at least in so far as it has been extensively chemically manipulated.

It’s ideal for creating great-tasting, reduced-sugars and no added sugars confectionery products. Calorie and Sugar Reduction, it has an energy value of 2.4 kcal/g, versus the 4 kcal/g energy value of full-calorie sweeteners.
For the spacial people who can not take sucrose and need to choose sweeteners carefully, isomaltulose is a good substitude.


(1)Basically, isomaltulose has the same function as sucrose (2)As an energy source that keeps the human body and brain functioning (3)Isomaltulose enters the digestive system through foods and drinks that we consume
(4)Improve brain function:Improve mental focus and Relieve tension effect (5)Does not cause tooth decay
(6) Heat (Energy is released very slowly as Isomaltulose can be digested and absorbed as sucrose and its caloric value is about 4Kal/g.
(7) Mask undesirable taste
(8)Prevent diarrhea effect (9) The thermal stability of Isomaltulose is more suitable for browning during baking than that of sucrose
odorless, white, crystalline
Isomaltulose(on dry basis),%
Melting point
125-128 ºC
The other sugars
2.0% Max
Water content
1.0% Max
Sulphated Ash
0.2% Max
Arsenic (As)
0.5mg/kg Max
Lead (Pb)
0.5mg/kg Max
Heavy metals
10ppm Max
Negative/1g Max
Negative/1g Max

Processing Characteristics

Superior Taste The flavor of Isomaltulose is quite similar to that of sucrose.It tastes mild and delicate.It would not taste bad during or after taking it. Its sweetness is about 42% of sucrose. Stability Isomaltulose has no hygroscopicity.As for the food containing organic acid and vitamin C,using Isomaltulose as sweeteners is more stable than using sucrose. Viscosity The viscosity of Isomaltulose is almost the same as that of Sucrose. Solubility At low temperature,the solubility of Isomaltulose is only about half of sucrose,however,when the temperature goes up,its solubility is close to that of sucrose..


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