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dietary fiber supplyment soluble corn fiber Resistant Dextrin

Resistant dextrin white to light yellow powder, slightly sweet, no other odor, good water solubility, 10% aqueous solution is transparent or light yellow, pH value of 4. 0 ~ 6. 0.
resistant dextrin aqueous solution The viscosity is very low, and the viscosity value varies with the shear rate and temperature changes.

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  • white to light yellow powder
  • 25kg/bag
  • dietary fiber supplyment

Resistant Dextrin

Dietary fiber 
soluble corn fiber 
Product : Resistant Dextrin

Product Function and Application:

1. Improve bowel movements to prevent constipation;
2. Inhibition of postprandial blood glucose rise;
3. Improve lipid metabolism;
4. Promote mineral absorption.

Product Introduction : 
Non-GMO natural corn starch, when heated under the condition of acidic condition, decomposed and gained low molecular soluble dextran (2000 dal)., also known as resistant dextrin.

Resistant dextrin is white powdered product, easily soluble in water, transparent water solution, lightly sweet, convenient processing, do not affect the original flavor and high stability, can be used in all kinds of food.

Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) authorized resistant dextrin as the specific health food materials (FOSHU).
Confirmed by numerous scientific studies with excellent physiological functions, and can promote mineral absorption.
In Japan, resistant dextrin is the source of dietary fiber in almost all food and health products,
and has been widely used in many famous health products and food of world.


Package: 25kgs net per compound paper bag, about 15.5ton with pallet/1x20'gp


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