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Vinyltrimethoxysilane vinyl functional silane

vinyltrimethoxysilane is a kind of vinyl functional silane with vinyl fuctional group and methoxy functional group, mainly be used as cross-linking agent for XLPE cable materials, paint, textile etc...

  • ELT-S171
  • elite-indus
  • 2931909090
  • 2768-02-7
  • 220-449-8
  • 98%,99%
  • 1000kgs
  • Colorless transparent liquid
  • Soluble in most organic solvents
  • Apply to polyethylene and copolymers
  • Used to improve affinity of glass fiber
  • Used in polyethylene cables
  • Used as coupling agent and crosslinking agent
Silane Coupling Agent ELT-S171


1.Purity:              97%,98%,99%,99.5%min
2.Capacity:         1000mts per month
3.MOQ:              1000kg
4.Exported to:     USD,Europe,South America,South East Asia etc
5.Delivery tiem:  7-10days

Product Introduction

Description of vinyltrimethoxysilane:

1, Chemical Name: Vinyltrimethoxysilane
2, Formula: CH2=CHSi (OCH3)3 

Vinyltrimethoxy silane
is Colorless transparent liquid, have the taste of ester, soluble in most organic solvent, insoluble in the water if PH is 7, 
but soluble in water if PH is 3.0 to 3.5. 
Typical physical properties of vinyltrimethoxysilane:

CAS NO. 2768-02-7
Purity, % 98 %min, 99%min.
Molecular weight 148.23
Boiling Point 123oC
PH value  6-7
Density(ρ20)g/cm3 (d254) 0.960-0.980
Refractive Index(n25D) 1.3920-1.3940
Potential Applications of vinyltrimethoxysilane

(1) vinyltrimethoxysilane applies to polyethylene and copolymers with all various complex- shape and all densities or those composites 
that require the large machining tolerance and are filled in, increase their applicable temperature, high anti-pressure pyrolysis, compressive resistance, 
memory, abrasive, wear resistance and impact resistance

(2) With the function of both coupling agent and cross-linking agent, its suitable polymers such as polyethylene,polypropylene, 
unsaturated polyester, etc. vinyltrimethoxysilane can be used to improve the affinity of glass fiber,inorganic fillers and resin to 
react with vinyl, usually used in polyethylene cables and pipes of silane crosslinked polyethylene.

(3) vinyltrimethoxysilane can be used for acrylic paint copolymer,made to special paints/coatings of the external walls. 

(4) vinyltrimethoxysilane can be use as the promoter for silicone rubber, metal and textile.
Packing & storage of vinyltrimethoxysilane

1, painted Iron drum or plastic drum , net weight 190Kg each, 950kg per IBC
    packing of 1900kgs/drum,15200kgs/1x20'gp
    big packing of 950kgs/IBC,19000kgs/1x20'gp
    Customized packing is ok.
    OEM is ok.
2, Sealed well, store in a cool, dry place. Avoid light.


Silanes are important to the development of high quality materials with enhanced functionality.
They are used in an incredible array of products that help to make living more comfortable and convenient.

No.1 Chemicals
1) Silanes are used effectively in adhesives,sealants and paints to improve adhesion to inorganic substrates.
2) Silanes are used to improve transparency and reduce viscosity during mixing and kneading.
3) Silanes are used to produce highly weatherable paints.

No.2 Automotive Applications
1) Silanes are used to make silica reinforced tires and in development of new materials.
2) Silanes are used to make high-molecular-weight rubbers and silicas.

No.3 Electrial Applications
1) Silanes can improve reliability of semiconductor encapsulants flat-panel displays and other products.
2) Silanes are used to improve dispersibility and adhesion of inorganic materials.
3) Silanes are used as raw materials for hard-coat materials.

No.4 Specific application


No.5 Organic functional groups and compatible resins


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