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Functional sugar alcohol Isomalt /Isomaltitol/Palatinitol

ISOMALT (Isomaltitol) is also called Palatinitol and is generally called Isomalt by the market. It is a functional sugar alcohol which has been newly launched worldwide to replace sucrose, starch sugars and other sugar alcohols.

  • powder/granule
  • elite-indus
  • 29400090
  • Isomaltitol/Palatinitol
  • low calories
  • no undesired aftertaste
  • 50%~60% of sucrose

 Isomalt /Isomaltitol

Product introduce:
ISOMALT (Isomaltitol) is also called Palatinitol and is generally called Isomalt by the market. It is a functional sugar alcohol which has been newly launched worldwide to replace sucrose, starch sugars and other sugar alcohols.
Properties: white, sweet, in granule or powder, no impurities, no caking.

Characteristics of Isomalt:
1. low hygroscopicity, 
2. high stability and tolerance,
3. low calories,
4. pure sweet taste,
5. no undesired aftertaste,
6. Sweetness:50%60% of sucrose,
7. Isomalt can cover up unpleasant aftertaste and flavor while used in combination with intense sweeteners,.
8. Isomalt can also prevent caries because it can not be used by oral bacteria.
9. After intake of Isomalt, the levels of blood sugar and insulin wont increase greatly, thus very applicable to diabetics. Moreover, it can also stimulate the growth and activity of bifidobacteria, which helps in preventing constipation and colon cancer.
10. Isomalt has the proven safety. All the researches indicated that intake of Isomalt wouldnt cause adverse effect to the tested animals and human beings. FDA of the United States has affirmed it as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) and sets no limit on its daily intake.
Application of Isomalt:
So far, Isomalt has been used as the most natural and healthiest sugar substitute. Worldwide, Isomalt can be applied to manufacture sugar-free confectionary and foods, including hard-boiled candies, low-boiled candies, compressed tablets, chocolates, chewing gums, jam, jelly, corn breakfast products, baked goods, table sweeteners, thin cream, ice cream etc. It can be also applied as sugar coat for sugar-free health products and medicine.

Packing and Storage:
Packing:               25kg net per bag; about 18 mts/20gp
Storage:               Cool dry space,avoid direct sunshine, high temperature and humidity.
Shelf Life:             24 months from the production date


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